Private consultation Face Reading


Do you find yourself in a crossroad?

Do you want to know if you are using your full potential?

Do you have reaction patterns you do not understand? Your face may tell things you are not aware of yourself, or it gives you confirmation of the qualities you thought but did not really dare to believe.

Are you worried about your general state of health?

When you come to get a face reading, I will ask questions and while we are talking, I read your face. I tell you about the abilities, experiences and opportunities that your face shows.

Color changes and markings on your face can tell you a lot about how your internal organs work. By reading these characters, you can gain valuable knowledge of your current state of health. From the information your face gives, I can advise you on how you could change your way of life and your eating habits to optimize your health.

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Face to face in Stockholm,Sweden or worldwide by Skype Cost 150 €