Basic course in Face Reading

The content of this course is based primarily on the knowledge taught by the world leading authority in Chinese face reading, Professor Lillian Pearl Bridges, USA

Course leader: Master Face Reader Eva-Marie Janelo. Working in the field of eastern medicine since 1994. Trained by Lillian Pearl Bridges at Lotus Institute Inc, USA

Anyone who in any way meets people in their work benefits greatly from the knowledge conveyed during this course. Examples of such occupational groups are acupuncturists, body therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, people responsible for human relations and business managers.

The course requires no prior knowledge. However, courses administered by an external organizer, may sometimes require specific prerequisites adapted to specific occupational groups.

Attending Eva-Marie’s Face Reading course was extremely eye-opening to how our bodies handle, hold on to, and process emotions. It gave me a new view on how to read a person’s personality, energy, and health. As a business owner I’ll use this new knowledge as a way to assess if a person is a good match for working together. In my business as a Family Health Coach I’ll be able to, first, see how the person may learn best and interact, and second, if a client has certain health issues we need to look further into. I found the course extremely helpful for my business, but also for me personally. I really enjoyed the course and since then I don’t look at people the same way!
— Courtney Landin

Day 1 – Psyche and emotions

Content: Day one provides direct tools to first and foremost improve understanding of you. Also how you can better meet your colleagues, customers, and potential business partners by reading what their faces tell you.

The shape of the face, dominant features and lines and wrinkles tells you how you work mentally and emotionally, what experiences you have in your past, and what opportunities you have in the future if you have access to your full potential and choose to develop yourself towards this consciously.

Lines and wrinkles in the face arise because our feelings cause unconscious, repeated movements in our facial muscles. These movements are eventually manifested in a line that is there even when we are not in that feeling. Through awareness of our feelings we can change our way of reacting, thinking and acting. When inhibitory emotions are consciously conscious and deliberately processed, the emotionally linked face muscles move and lines will be dulled and sometimes completely disappeared.

Day 2 – The physical health

Content: Day two focuses on how to read signs of medical imbalances on the face. In Chinese medicine, facial diagnostics have been used for several thousand years. The face is divided into zones that can tell you about the current state of health. Shifts in color, markings and shadows tell us how our internal organs work.

We will review all the areas in the face and which organs are linked to these specific zones.

Signs of imbalance in our internal organs can be read many years before disease occurs. Learning how to recognize imbalances on the face can help treat potential illnesses from fully manifesting.

Day one can be done separately, but day two requires prior knowledge from day one.

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